Planning a family Vacation on  Budget


Determine your vacation budget

The best way to determine your vacation budget would be to decide  on an amount to put away in a vacation savings account for at least 12 months ahead of time. Having a separate vacation budget that grows month to month will not effect other monthly expenses and you will then be stress free while planning your much needed vacation.

6 Important factors that helps you determine your vacation budget.

  1. Number of travellers: Make a note of how many adults and how many children the different age groups are included in the trip this will help give you an idea of how to book accommodation.  
  2. Destination location: Decide where your family would like to go on vacation, when you have agreed on a destination vacation you can make a note of the location.
  3. Dates:  What time of year, what season winter or summer, spring or autumn.
  4. Accommodation: Where to stay on your vacation, there are different types of vacation accommodation to choose from such as Hotel, B&B, Rental home or self-catering apartment. 
  5. Transportation:  What mode of transportation would you be using and what expenses will be needed.
  6. Activities:  It’s always exciting to have an opportunity to explore an area away from your hometown and to make new memories with your family.  Find out what type of activities  to do at your vacation destination.    

Book early and save

There is money to be saved when bookings are made early because you can find special offers and book it right away. Now that all factors have been taken into consideration it is easier to understand and set aside the correct amount for the vacation budget plus some extra cash to spend on buying souvenirs  you find on your travels to add to your memories.

Making the Booking for your family vacation is always a lot easier when the budget is correctly set for each item such vacation accommodation, transportation, activities, food and beverage and a little extra money for random shopping while on your family vacation. 

Vacation Accommodation in South Africa
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